The most important thing that any promotional item does is build awareness for your business. Nothing else accomplishes that more than promotional bags with your company’s logo. Our branded bags are functional, attention-getting, and they go everywhere that people do!


We offer a range of custom bags to help you get your message where it needs to go. Our backpacks, lunch bags, coolers, totes, and duffel bags carry all kinds of items. Personalised bags are great to give employees as rewards or as incentives for a job well-done. They proudly carry their new bag with them to the gym, to sporting events, or even the grocery store. The professional logo on their bag is there for everyone they come into contact with to see.


Our branded bags are also great for building customer loyalty and attracting new customers. People who have done business with you in the past will feel like they matter to you and your company. Potential new clients will be impressed by the professional quality and associate it with the company behind the logo.


Do you have something special in mind? Depending on your business and the best types of places to get your brand out there, it may take a special type of bag to serve your purpose. Contact Prime Promotional Products and ask about our custom bags. We can design a bag that is just right for your needs.


Personalised bags are one of the most effective types of branding products because of their versatility and functionality. They are used to carry books, sports equipment, a change of clothing, or a picnic lunch!


Another advantage of promotional bags is the size of the advertising space they give you. Our tote bags let you use the large space to advantage with highly visible, professionally printed messages that are certain to get your company noticed.

There’s no more cost-effective way to use your marketing dollars than with our affordable branded bags. Choose your style or compare products to decide which one is the best style for your purpose. Contact us today and place your order.

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