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<h3 bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:14,&quot;w&quot;:415,&quot;h&quot;:13,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:685}"> <span bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:14,&quot;w&quot;:244,&quot;h&quot;:13,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:685}" style="font-size: 12px;">Personalised Water Bottles &amp; Drink Bottles</span></h3> <div bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:41,&quot;w&quot;:415,&quot;h&quot;:123,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:712}"> <span bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:41,&quot;w&quot;:415,&quot;h&quot;:123,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:712}" style="font-size: 12px;">Promotional drink bottles are a subtle and durable investment in your company&rsquo;s promotion. The perfect give-away, printed water bottles are available in a large range of sizes, shapes and materials.&nbsp; Select from super tough Ranger Stainless Steel and Aluminium all of which are 100% BPA free. These drink bottles make ideal gifts to staff, clients, prospects, members and associates and will be used over and over. Your promotional water bottles can carry a simple logo or detailed message. These items are things that are practically used by everyday people and can help buyers or future clients to keep your brand on the top of their minds.&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></div>
<h3 bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:820,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:15,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1859}"> Why Choose Personalised Drink Bottles?</h3> <div bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:41,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:165,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1080}"> Promotional merchandise can prove an extremely lucrative marketing tactic&mdash;especially when you pick the right items to give away. Personalised water bottles provide your staff, prospects, and existing clients with handy items that can be reused time and time again, making your brand more memorable and helping to spread brand awareness as well.&nbsp; &nbsp;Personalised drink bottles are fully customisable, from colours to printed logos and other brand identity visuals. At Prime Promotional we stocks a wide range of custom drink bottles and styles that serve different purposes&mdash;while some are ideal for fitness junkies, others are the perfect choice for health-conscious individuals.No matter what the occasion, we have the right bottle to keep your future clients mind focused on your brand.</div> <p bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:244,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:275,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1283}"> At Prime Promotional Products we stock a wide range of stylish drink bottles.&nbsp; Often referred to as Water Bottles or Sports Bottles, these quality products are specifically designed to promote your brand.&nbsp; All promotional printed drink bottles from Prime Promotional Products are made from BPA free materials ensuring safe drinking. Our water bottles are made from a variety of materials including Stainless Steel, Aluminium and BPA Free Tritan. Tritan is a BPA free plastic and is not manufactured with bisphenol A (BPA) or other bisphenols, such as BPS. Tritan is impact-resistant and can be used safely without fear of shattering. Give these products to your clients and prospects and they will not only be amazed by your generosity but will also contact you next time the product or service you are offering is needed.&nbsp; Water Bottles make ideal giveaways at trade shows, product launches and when meeting a new prospect or reuniting with lifelong clients. As all of our promotional Drink Bottles are printed or engraved with your company logo or promotional message, your goodwill gesture will never be forgotten. If you can&rsquo;t find what you&rsquo;re looking for on this website, please give us a call as we have hundreds more products to choose from. Contact us now and let our experienced team members send you out a no obligation sample as it&rsquo;s our aim to make your promotional product ordering easy.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:557,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:82,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1596}"> Overall from a marketing perspective drink bottle printing and getting your logo placed on promotional bottles has been seen as beneficial for businesses that need to get their name out there and market themselves better. We do have a large range of printed drink bottles and personalised bottles so with different capacity options available, you&rsquo;re sure to find bottles for all of your clients in our online shop.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <h3 bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:820,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:15,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1859}"> High Quality Promotional Drink Bottles</h3> <p bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:682,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:123,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1721}"> Prime Promotional offers custom drink bottles made from 100% BPA-free&nbsp; stainless steel, and aluminum, and printed using a technique called &ldquo;pad printing.&rdquo; This refers to the transferring ink from a printing plate onto a flexible silicone pad, which is then applied onto the product, resulting in high-quality printing that doesn&rsquo;t fade. If you would like your logo printed all the way around your personalised drink bottle (wrap print) then let us know.&nbsp; We are able to screen print your logo so that it wraps all the way around the bottle. As stated above these are BPA free plastic bottles which are safe for use as sports bottles to even kids drink bottles.</p> <h3 bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:820,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:15,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1859}"> Custom Printed Promotional Drink Bottles</h3> <p bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:849,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:123,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1888}"> Use of printing technique is dependent on the size of the logo - either way we want your merchandise looking as crisp and professional as possible. Alternatively, if you have a full colour logo, our latest printing machinery allows us to print your advertising message and logo in full colour so that your brand identity will remain 100% intact.&nbsp; This type of printing is called Digital Full Colour printing and is available at Prime Promotional Products. Choose from a wide range of unique designs, pick your preferred colour, and send us your logo or desired visual. Browse through our catalogues, and see what suits your business needs.</p> <h3 bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:820,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:15,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:1859}"> Get Instant Virtual Samples For Your Drink Bottle</h3> <p> Get a feel for how your printed water bottles will look by using our Instant Virtual Sampling tool, which lets you upload your desired visual or add your brand message to your design. With our Instant Virtual Sampling tool, the whole customisation process becomes simpler and totally worry-free for you.</p> <p bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:1112,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:82,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:2151}"> Make sure to take in consideration personalised sports drink bottles for your business marketing needs. With a whole range of custom water bottles and branded water bottles, you&#39;re bound to find something that suits you are your clientele. To find out more about how easy it is for your company to invest in a personalised drink bottles, contact one of our friendly staff today! Enquire today!</p> <div bis_size="{&quot;x&quot;:7,&quot;y&quot;:1206,&quot;w&quot;:394,&quot;h&quot;:13,&quot;abs_x&quot;:514,&quot;abs_y&quot;:2245}"> &nbsp;</div>

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