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  • Executive Umbrella
    U55 As low as $17.99

    Corporate umbrellas printed with your logo and advertising message make great gifts for customers, prospects and staff.  The best thing about a customised umbrella is that it features your logo for all to see…it ...

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  • Blizzard 30" Auto Golf Umbrella
    U58 As low as $27.51

    Printed with your logo, these custom printed fibreglass promotional umbrellas are the best of the best. We brand these quality auto-opening umbrellas with your logo and advertising message on one, two or four panels. So if y...

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  • Genie Auto Open/Close Umbrella
    U60 As low as $12.67

    Measuring 28cm in length when closed, Genie makes the ideal travel companion. Simply push a button on the handle and Genie automatically open and close. This umbrella also features a colour co-ordinated handle, matching pouc...

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  • Micro Traveller Umbrella
    U6801 As low as $9.79

    This micro umbrella is only 16.5cm long when folded-ideal for briefcase, handbag or even coat pocket. Supplied in silver carry case.

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  • Compact Traveller Umbrella
    U6900 As low as $9.66

    Measuring only 23cm in length when folded, this ultra-slim umbrella opens to an amazing 1 metre span. Packed in a slim-line rubber feel zippered case, this product makes the ideal travel companion.

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  • Mini Fold-up Umbrella
    U7000 As low as $13.82

    This Tri-Fold umbrella measures only 23cm when folded yet opens to an amazing 1 metre span. Packed in sturdy aluminium tube.

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  • Deluxe 30" Auto Golf Umbrella
    U57 As low as $22.22

    Just launched, these impressive umbrellas are supplied custom printed with your company name, logo and advertising message.  These quality corporate umbrellas are far from average and will be appreciated by staff, clien...

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  • Promo 30" Auto Golf Umbrella
    U52 As low as $19.03

    A custom printed umbrellas acts as your silent sales person, displaying your logo and advertising message for all to see.  These quality umbrellas are both low priced and feature packed and will ensure that your brand i...

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  • Golf Umbrella, 30"
    U50 As low as $14.82

    If you are looking for a custom printed, budget priced golf umbrella, then you have hit the jackpot.  Our 8 panel fibreglass shaft umbrellas are custom printed with your logo and advertising details for all to see. ...

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  • Summit Umbrella, 30"
    U51 As low as $18.94

    Imprinted with your logo and advertising message these nylon umbrellas can be custom printed on 1, 2 or 4 panels. If you want to promote your brand, make sure you select an umbrella that will reflect the quality of your brand...

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  • Manhattan 26" Auto Umbrella
    U53 As low as $19.09

    These custom printed umbrellas are supplied over-printed with your logo onto 1, 2 or 4 panels.  Manhattan corporate umbrella which features your logo will promote your brand, and associating your brand with a quality umb...

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  • The Inverter Umbrella with J Handle
    U61 As low as $22.63

    Umbrellas printed with your logo promote your brand over and over and associating your brand with something as unique as Inverter speaks volumes to both customers and prospects.  Our custom printed Inverter umbrellas wi...

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