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  • Trio Water Bottle
    R64 As low as $6.33

    Custom printed with your logo and advertising message, these novel promotional water bottles are super-hot.  As a branded drink bottle, Trio will definitely hit the spot because of its long list of features, quality con...

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  • Compact Picnic Mat
    B3900I As low as $12.29

    At long last, a picnic mat that’s able to fit in your glove box, handbag or attach to a backpack. Made from tough yet light weight 190T polyester, this picnic mat folds into a mini storage pouch. Available with a choic...

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  • Trident Water Bottle
    R94 As low as $5.26

    These BPA Free Aluminium water bottles have been crafted with both style and fu...

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  • Promo 750ml Aluminium Bottle
    F04 As low as $8.35

    This quality 750ml drink bottle is made from solid yet light-weight aluminium. Its on-trend shape is complemented by a brushed stainless steel lid, designed for those on the go. Promo bottle features an upmarket matt finish ...

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  • Parisian 750ml S/S Bottle
    F05 As low as $10.48

    The super stylish Parisian drink bottle is made from light-weight , single layer BPA free 18/8 stainless steel. This large capacity 750ml drink bottle features a brushed stainless steel lid and is available in matt black, ma...

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  • Work-out rPET Towel
    G86 As low as $7.66

    Our Work-out rPET Towel is a sustainable essential for an active lifestyle. Crafted from eco-conscious recycled PET, this towel offers exceptional absorbency. Unfolds to a generous size of 35cm x 80cm, providing ample covera...

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  • Plastic Sports Bottle 750ml
    G5004 Call for Price

    If you’re after a budget priced, custom printed promotional drink bottle, then look no further.  Branded with your logo and advertising message, these BPA free drink bottles are in high demand. 100% Australian Mad...

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  • Vegas Water Bottle
    R84 As low as $6.32

    Vegas Water Bottle, made from BPA free Tritan material offers both style and functionality. Combining a unique concave ‘easy-grip’ body and a stylish silicone mouth-piece that not only looks good, but also seals t...

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  • Frisco Water Bottle
    R83 As low as $7.05

    This slimline water bottle is made from BPA free Tritan material. The functional lid features a handy finger grip and drinking spout which enables you to drink when the bottle is in an upright position. Available in transluc...

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  • Lancer Bottle
    R81 As low as $5.97

    These colour coordinated drink bottles feature a convenient drinking spout which enables you to drink when the bottle is in a vertical position. The double finger grip makes Lancer a pleasure to carry. This bottle is made fr...

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  • Florida Water Bottle
    R89 As low as $7.07

    This innovative drink bottle is made from shock absorbing BPA free Tritan and features a non-slip silicone trim lid, finger grip, drinking spout and protein mixing ball. Use as a regular drink bottle or add the mixing ball f...

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  • Colorado Water Bottle
    R79 As low as $4.30

    This stylish water bottle features a contoured non-slip grip with rubberised colour coordinated lid. Made from tough BPA free Tritan this compact size bottle will go the distance. Available with black, blue or red trim. For u...

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