Decoration Techniques

All the products we offer are supplied imprinted with your requested artwork (logo and/or contact details etc). The decoration technique depends on the product selected.

Logos are applied using one of the following techniques:

Laser Engraving
Laser engraving utilizes a computer controlled laser beam to permanently etch your details onto metal products. The advantage of this process is that your message is there for a lifetime – never to rub off!

Laser engraved products provide a tone on tone effect.

Computer controlled embroidery machine stitches your logo onto your required product to create an up-market effect. This decoration method is best suited to clothing, headwear and other fabric products.

Screen Printing
Screen printing is used for printing onto fabric, flat or cylindrical objects. Ink is forced through a screen onto the product creating the imprint. This process can be repeated a number of times for multi-colour printing.

Pad Printing
Ink is transferred from a printing plate onto a flexible silicone pad and then applied onto the product. This printing method is best suited to plastic, vinyl, leather and aluminium. The advantage of this process is that the product being printed does not need to be flat. The silicone pad moulds itself around the product releasing the ink as soon as the pad is removed.

Digital and Offset Printing (Full Colour)
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) are combined using either digital or offset printing processes. The combination of these four colours creates the full colour image. This method of printing is also known as process printing.

In-house Imprinting
Both laser engraving and pad printing are performed in-house using the latest European technology. In recent years we have also added full colour digital printing and bottle screen printing to our in-house printing capability This gives Prime Promotional Products the ability to guarantee both production quality and turnaround time.