Leaving an Impression with Corporate Gifting

Corporate gift giving can create a positive image of your business in the minds of clients and future clients. Whether you’re looking for corporate event gift ideas or the perfect gift for your new client, the right items can cast a powerful impression, boost brand recognition, and increase loyalty to your business. But, how do you know which gifts are the right ones for impressing a client, and when to give them?

When should you gift your regular clients?

Anytime you want to say thanks or remind your clients about your brand, corporate gift giving can be the way to do it. Sending out a thoughtful gift helps to maintain your business relationships and lets clients know that they matter to your business.
As a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to send out a small gift once every 6 months to all your company’s clients. This can be something simple like a branded ceramic mug and a thank-you note – you can even have a special thank you message printed on the mug! Depending on your budget and how much value each client brings into your business, you may want to choose luxury corporate gifting options to really impress your clients, like cheese boards made from solid wood, golf gifts, or technology gifts.

Corporate gifting items for potential clients

What about potential clients that haven’t yet formed a relationship with your business? In this case, a nice gift can send the message that you’re committed to a fruitful relationship. When the goal is to really impress a client, the more personalised the gift the better. Engraved gifts or items with a personalised message can make a potential client feel special, like they’re not just another customer to boost your profits but rather a worthwhile business relationship.
You may also want to give your new clients something special more regularly to remind them of the success you’ve achieved together. Once you've started working together, any time you hit a milestone, like the completion of a big project or a new product launch, choosing a unique corporate gift is in order. This helps to solidify the relationship, making your client feel even more confident in their choice to do business with you. 

Gifting options for corporate events

When you’re hosting a corporate event, attendees will expect a nice gift to walk away with. It’s a way to say thank-you for attending, while also keeping your brand fresh in their minds with your logo or brand image printed on the item. From premium metal pens to specialised gifts for your industry – for example, promotional measuring tape for a convention of builders or architects – choose corporate event gifts that your attendees will use and that will fit into your event budget. That way, they'll be likely to keep using the gift from your event, and are likely to keep thinking about your brand in the future. 

Corporate gift giving tips

When corporate gift giving is done well, you can impress your clients and help to forge long-term business relationships. For clients, try to choose gifts that are unique if you have a small enough client list. Try to learn what interests them, whether they love to play golf or would appreciate something eco-friendly. For corporate event gift ideas, don't be afraid to be creative with your gift giving. 
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