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Promotional Notepads

Promotional notepads and noteholders printed with your logo are practical, everyday items and are sure to be appreciated by your staff and clients. At Prime Promotional Products we offer a wide range of notepads and noteholders to suit all budgets and company styles. Our range includes custom printed: notepads, pocket pads, jotters, journals, travel pads, convention pads, sticky notes, note holders, metal note holders, portfolios and presentation folders.


Personalised Notepads For All Your Promotional Needs.

There are also eco-friendly notepads, plus a range of eco-friendly stationery, office supplies and conference materials. Promotional Notepads Are Practical Merchandise   Custom notepads provide the perfect opportunity to showcase and promote your brand—they’re incredibly practical and suit any client’s or prospective client’s note-making needs. Personalised notebooks bring a touch of class and reflect a professional demeanour that will be very well appreciated, especially considering their great usefulness. Most recipients keep their notebooks handy and use them on a regular basis, with your brand’s visuals and company information prominently displayed at all times.   Not to mention that everybody appreciates an extra pad of paper, for use at home or at the office. Notebooks also have a simple and extremely low-tech nature, which makes them excellent for clients in all walks of life—they don’t require batteries or instructions, and they won’t break. But most importantly, promotional notebooks encourage reciprocity. They build goodwill and leave a favourable impression on clients and prospects.This also increases the probability they will like, remember, and do business with you.That one small notebook can bring in such a massive benefit.  

Notepads with Logos Custom to Your Business

Prime Promotional stocks a broad range of high-quality custom notepads with different print options that can be personalised with your brand logo, name, contact information, or even a short message. From beautifully designed small to large notepads, to pad-and-pen sets, sticky notes, pocket pads, note holders, and portfolio, we have everything your company needs in order to stand out.   If you think your employees or clients will need a larger writing space, why not order some of our custom notebooks in A4 size, along with a suitable portfolio to complement it? They’re the perfect choice of gift for new hires and job candidates, giving them a better feel for the brand that contributes to an overall positive experience. Sticky notes are extraordinarily handy as well—especially in open office spaces. Though much smaller than a traditional notebook, sticky notes will have a huge impact in any setting and are bound to be useful to just about anyone.This goes anywhere from company CEOs to stay-at-home freelancers.  Explore Prime Promotional’s collection of personalised notepads to discover the styles that suit your needs and budget.


Check out our high-quality personalised notepads  & discover which suits your business or promotional needs. Sometimes, them small notepads and notebooks with pens can provide your business with a lot more value than one would think. Visibility and impressions are what a business runs of at times, and customised notebooks could be one of those things that your business might be missing. Browse our range and see what suits your business. Don't forget to check out all the other custom and personalised promotional items we stock.  

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